Become a campaign ambassador

We offer you the opportunity to become a part of the campaign and be trained as campaign ambassador. We offer online training to prepare you for the essentials.

The focus of the training is a lecture that can be given at events and webinars. The training consists of two parts: First, you take part in a webinar as a listener. In the second step, you will learn how to give this presentation yourself – we will provide you with background material so that you are ideally prepared for further questions. You can then set your own priorities in your own presentations. Since we are active all over Germany, you can become a speaker for events and webinars after the training.
If we receive a request for a lecture in your area, we would ask you if you would like to give this lecture. Of course, you can also apply for and acquire information on events and webinars yourself and organize events on the topic in your area. We are happy to support you in this.

We are looking forward to working with you!

If you are interested in becoming a campaign ambassador, please contact us via email at Our education officer Selina will then get in touch with you immediately.

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