Parties in favor of a gene drive moratorium

In the forefront of the European elections, the SPD, Die LINKE and Die Grünen are calling for a gene drive moratorium. The CDU wants to examine the necessity of a moratorium.
In a poll of the top candidates for the European elections on their attitudes towards new genetic engineering and gene drives, the majority of the major German parties are concerned about the risks that could result from the release of gene drive organisms into nature.

The SPD considers a release of gene drive organisms to be “not compatible with the principles and objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity”.
The CDU/CSU points to “considerable risks” posed by transgenic gene drive organisms, particularly with regard to the potential to spread.
In its response, the Left Party emphasised the difficulty of risk assessment and the lack of retrieval options.
Bündnis90/Die Grünen write that it is “not responsible to release genetically modified populations with such a depth of intervention into the environment”. The consequences cannot be estimated and a sensible fight against diseases must not change entire ecosystems. A release would be “uncontrollable and irreversible”.

Regarding the requested gene drive moratorium the parties write:
CDU/CSU: “In the EU, there are no applications for field trials with organisms that have been modified using gene drives. There are also no known plans in this direction. Nevertheless, the CDU and CSU are in favor of additional regulations or even the necessity of a moratorium being examined”.

SPD: “We advocate an international moratorium on gene drives because of the lack of knowledge, data and understanding with regard to their potential impact on biodiversity”.

Bündnis90/Die Grünen: “We advocate a worldwide moratorium on the use of gene drives. This is necessary to comply with the precautionary principle and protect ecosystems.”

DIE LINKE: “DIE LINKE therefore advocates an immediate moratorium against the release of GMOs in general and GMOs with gene drives in particular”.
Unfortunately, the FDP did not answer our question.