European Parliament requests provisional ban on releases of gene drive organisms

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Majoritiy of EU citizens reject the release of gene drive organims:

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162 organizations call upon the
European Commission to advocate
for global gene drive moratorium:

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Gene Drives are perhaps one of the most dangerous environmental application of genetic engineering ever developed.

Enabled by a new tool for genetic engineering called CRISPR/Cas, sexually reproducing animals and plants can be genetically manipulated in a way as to pass on a new trait to all their offspring – even if this trait proves to be fatal for them. This overrides the natural rules of evolution. This mechanism is then repeated independently in each new generation, resulting in a risky and uncontrollable genetic chain reaction.

Gene Drive Organisms are supposed to replace or even exterminate their conspecifics in nature. Their future release could have unforeseeable and irreversible consequences for ecosystems and food webs. In the worst case, this could lead to further species extinction and the collapse of entire ecosystems, as well as endangering human health and food security.

Save Our Seeds calls for a ban on the environmental release of gene drive organisms in Germany, Europe and worldwide! Help us stop gene drives, by signing our petition.

European Parliament calls for ban on gene drive technology

In their report on the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030, which was adopted in the plenary of the European Parliament on 08.06.2021, the parliamentarians demand that "in line with the precautionary principle, no releases of genetically modified gene drive organisms should be allowed, not even for nature conservation purposes."

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Become a campaign ambassador

In order to inform people across Germany about gene drives, which have so far received little attention in the media, we need your help! Get trained as an advocate for our campaign. We offer online training that enables you to introduce others to the topic.

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