Press Releases

Here you will find the latest press releases from the Stop Gene Drive campaign.

01.12.2022: Gene drives are the opposite of nature conservation: Civil society organisations around the globe demand a moratorium on genetically engineered gene drives at UN Biodiversity Conference


31.05.2022: 300,000 EU citizens call on Environment Minister Lemke: Stop Gene Drives!


06.10.2021: European Parliament: no promotion of genetic technologies in development policy!


10.09.2021: Genetic engineering of wild species? IUCN at a crossroads


08.06.2021: European Parliament calls for ban on gene drive technology 


25.04.2021: World Malaria Day: Do we need gene drives to fight Malaria?


20.04.2021: 162 organizations call for global gene drive moratorium


27.01.2021: Survey: EU citizens reject genetic engineering of wild species with Gene Drives


11.11.2020: Online-Discussion: Gene Drives – Protecting People and Nature through Genetic Extermination?


30.06.2020: 78 organizations call on the European Commission to enact a temporary ban on the novel Gene Drive technology


19.02.2020: 29 German Organizations for a Global Gene Drive Moratorium


16.01.2020: European Parliament calls for a Global Gene Drive Moratorium


07.06.2019: Gene drives regulated for the first time in genetic engineering law


24.05.2019: Gene Drive Symposium in Bern – Wiping out unwanted species with CRISPR-Cas?


22.05.2019: Parties in favor of a gene drive moratorium


29.11.2018: Biodiversity convention fails in regulating new genetic engineering


15.10.2018: Call for a global moratorium on gene drives