What is a gene drive?

This short animation explains how the Gene Drive technology using CRISPR/Cas works.
Produced by SOS

Gene Drive Documentary

15 minute documentary on Gene Drive technology with statements from experts from around the world.

Produced by Save Our Seeds (SOS) in cooperation with European Network of Scientists for Social and Environmental Responsability (ENSSER), Federation of German Scientists (VDW/FGS) and Critical Scientists Switzerland (CSS)

Gene Drives – Protecting People and Nature through Genetic Extermination?

Video recording of an online conference on October 15, 2020 organised by Heinrich Böll Foundation.

A Question of Consent: Exterminator Mosquitos in Burkina Faso

This video documents conversations with residents of the areas where Target Malaria is conducting tests with gene drive mosquitoes in Burkina Faso, as well as opposition from civil society groups in the region.

Produced by: ETC Group in co-operation with COPAGEN, Terre à Vie, CCAE, FENOP and Interpares

Gene Drives in Africa: Civil Society Speaks Out

Produced by: African Center for Biodiversity

Gene Drive Technology: Powerful and destructive

Produced by: SWISSAID